H&M offers free interview suit rental for men across the U.S. through ONE/SECOND/SUIT

ONE/SECOND/SUIT Can’t afford to buy a business suit for a job interview but want to look your best? Don’t worry. Multinational clothing retailer H&M can help you solve that problem with its ONE/SECOND/SUIT program.

The company launched the ONE/SECOND/SUIT free men’s business suit rental initiative in the U.S. in mid-May after running the program in the United Kingdom for the previous month.

Named for the fact that it only takes one second for hiring managers to get a first impression of a candidate, ONE/SECOND/SUIT allows men to rent a fashionable H&M suit for 24 hours free of charge.

“Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience. But we believe nothing should hold you back. Least of all what you wear,” says Sara Spännar, H&M’s head of marketing and communications. “The ONE/SECOND/SUIT is ready-to-wear confidence. A signal to the world and a reminder to yourself that you’ve got what it takes.”

What H&M is offering is a navy blue jacket and trousers, a white shirt and a navy blue tie.

Suits can be delivered nationwide

If you want to rent one of these outfits free of charge first visit the initiative’s booking site. The next step is to click on the selection in your size to find out what dates it is available for home delivery. Once ordered, the suit will be delivered by FedEX, and users must return it within 72 hours of receipt to a FedEx store or FedEx drop-off site.

Men in New York City and Cleveland can reserve a suit online and pick it up in person. Those who do this must return it to the same store within 24 hours of the initial pickup.

Because of high demand, it’s important to book a week ahead. And even then, it might not be possible to obtain a suit. So you’ll need to have a backup.

Jails to Jobs offers national directory of free interview clothing

Jails to Jobs offers a national directory of nonprofit organizations that give away free interview clothing to both men and women. You can get an outfit from one of these organizations and rent a suit for free from H&M as well. This will not only ensure that you have something nice to wear but also give you a variety of suits if you have more than one interview.

In addition to a free suit rental, H&M offers up some tips and words of support for job seekers:

You know you can. We know you can. Use these confidence hacks and your future employer will know you can too:

  • Be early. Give yourself the time you need to arrive calm, cool and collected.
  • Interviewing online? Test out your microphone and your camera. Check your background to make sure that it gives the right impression.
  • Know your interviewer’s name. Use it. And remember to look them in the eye.
  • Have an opinion. No one’s expecting you to have all the answers. But they will want to know what you think about the job, the company and the industry.
  • Really want this job? Say so. Being direct is a sign that you know what you want.

H&M, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has more than 5,000 stores around the world, with 559 stores in the U.S.





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