Finding free help

Connect with expert and caring help

Need help with housing, health care, food, mental health, employment and education, reentry help for ex-offenders or other issues? Not sure where to turn?

Don’t worry. There’s help available only a phone call away. You can start by dialing 211. This free service connects callers to help and services that they might need.

One Degree is a similar service. It currently operates in the San Francisco Bay Area; Los Angeles County; New York City; Gainesville, Fla.; Northwest Detroit, Mich.; Southwest N.M.; and Summit County, Colo. but is working to expand to other areas. In October 2020 it merged with Alluma to create an easy-to-use online platform that enables people in need to find, qualify for and enroll in safety net services and benefits such as Medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance and more all in one place.