Dress for success

Learn how to dress for success

No matter what you may think, people will judge you by your appearance. And what you wear to an interview can help make or break your chances of getting a job.

In fact, studies have shown that hiring managers sometimes make up their mind during the first few minutes of an interview. And part of this could be based on how a candidate is dressed.

Do some research on the Internet by looking at what type of clothing people who do the job you’re looking for might wear. Also check out the company website. Employees at some companies, especially those in high-tech, dress fairly casual. But one thing to remember is during an interview you will want to dress one-notch above what you might be wearing if you actually worked there. Dressing appropriately will show that you understand the company culture and are likely to fit in.

Interview clothing is expensive and may be above your budget. But don’t worry. There are nonprofit organizations across the country whose mission it is to give away free interview clothing. Some of these organizations also do job counseling and image consulting to help you create the look you want.

You may be able to find one of these nonprofits in our online directory of organizations nationwide.