Tattoo removal

Directory of U.S. free or low-cost tattoo removal programs

Are tattoos keeping you from getting a job? Are they not who you are anymore?

Then it’s time to take action. Removing visible tattoos, especially those that are antisocial or related to gangs, will improve your chances of finding employment, help restore hope and offer healing. If you are a victim of human trafficking, getting rid of any unwanted tattoos you received can be a major step in your recovery process and can help restore dignity and self-esteem.

But how do you do it, and, even more importantly, how do you pay for it?

You can begin by using our directory, which includes tattoo removal programs across the U.S. Some of them charge. Others are free but may have requirements.

Note: Wait for pins to drop on map before starting your search. For best results, enter your zip code or city to search the surrounding area. If no results are found, increase the radius and search again.

Our directory has had more than 65,000 views connecting people to over 300 free and low-cost tattoo removal programs in 44 states and five countries. It is a work in progress and is by no means a complete list. If you would like your program added or know of a program that should be included, please click here. Programs come and go. If you run across a program that is no longer operating, please contact us and we’ll investigate.

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Thinking about creating your own tattoo removal program?

We at Jails to Jobs have put a tremendous amount of effort into raising awareness of the importance of getting anti-social and gang-related tattoos removed. And we hope that others will be inspired to create their own tattoo removal programs as a result. In order to do that Jails to Jobs provides a variety of resources to help those interested:

  • A nationwide directory of free and low-cost tattoo removal programs that might serve as examples.
  • A book on how anyone can start their own tattoo removal program.
  • Articles on our website about the efforts of nonprofits, companies and individuals who are working in this area.
  • Complimentary technical assistance. Questions?

Here are a few of those articles to give you an idea of what is possible: