Community college and beyond

Unlocking opportunities within reach

There’s some debate about the true value of higher education, but having a community college or college degree will open many doors that would otherwise be closed. It will also give you confidence, knowledge, likely some inner peace and a network of friends who may be on the same path to potential employment that you are.

Most community colleges have certificate programs to train students in particular skills that may get them a job upon completion. There are hundreds of community colleges across the U.S. You can find the ones nearest you by visiting the A2Zcolleges website.

You may also want to call the community colleges in your area to see if they have programs for those in reentry. The American Association of Community Colleges might also be able to give you this information.

If you’re interested in attending a four-year college or university, you may want to see which ones have special programs for formerly incarcerated individuals. Project Rebound, for example, operates on 14 California State University campuses to support formerly incarcerated individuals as they pursue higher education. At UC Berkeley, Berkeley Underground Scholars offers similar support to students who are incarcerated, formerly incarcerated or system impacted. 

Those interested in preparing to pursue a legal career may wish to begin while still incarcerated by enrolling in Blackstone Career Institute’s Paralegal Program for the Incarcerated. Blackstone students will join people from more than 1,800 facilities across the nation who have furthered their education through this program.