Work at home

Work at home, telecommuting and homeshoring

Better Business Bureau — Search on work-at-home schemes, for a run down of the most common scams.

JobStar — Working at home as an employee of a business and as an independent contractor with one or more businesses.

National Telecommuting Institute — A unique educational/job-matching organization pioneering the development of telework jobs for Americans with Disabilities.

Flexjobs — A paid service that helps people find flexible jobs — telecommunity jobs, part-time positions and freelance work.

How to find the Best Entry-Level Remote Jobs — advice and guidance from Alison Doyle — job search expert and one of the industry’s most highly-regarded career experts.


For people interested in jobs that allow flexible hours at home, here are some companies that specialize in matching workers with employers. Likely developed as an antidote to US Firms “Off-Shoring.” Similar to work from home, home-based or telecommuting opportunities.

Homeshoring is expanding by about 20% a year and it’s on track to explode, says researcher IDC. Companies are hungry for ways to cut labor costs and a growing number of workers want to apply their skills outside of a traditional office setting, yet there are still only a handful of outfits that act as a go-between between the two groups.

Most of these specialize in screening candidates and connecting them with companies. Some handle monitoring and billing. Up to now, homesourcing businesses have focused mainly on staffing call centers where workers handle help-desk queries and other customer care. But some are now taking the trend further, finding jobs for those skilled in areas such as graphic design, software coding, and technical writing.

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