How to create a vision poster

When looking for a job, you need to consider everything possible to keep motivated and inspired. One thing you can do is to visualize your goals. What will getting a job do for you in terms of a better life? What will you be able to do with the money you earn?

You can visualize these goals in your mind, but it’s even better to create a vision poster to remind you what the benefits of getting a job are.

I have a friend who is an expert at this. She was creating her own freelance business and put a big piece of poster board on the wall in front of her computer. On the poster board she pasted pictures cut out from magazines. These pictures were symbols of her goals – what type of jobs she wanted, how she would be able to live better if she got more work, and all the things she would be able to do with that money.

She cut out pictures of a nice-looking house; a waterfall in Hawaii, where she likes to go on vacation; a German shepherd like her dog; a Jeep Cherokee, her favorite car; even a hot fudge Sunday, her favorite dessert. She also wrote down her financial goal and other words that offered inspiration.

Every day she would start out by looking at the poster and all the things she would be able to get if she got enough work. This type of poster is not only fun to make, but it also will inspire you to meet your goals.

What would you like to put on a vision poster? Page through old magazines for ideas, and think of the words that symbolize your goals. Make a vision poster and use it to inspire you. You might be surprised at how effective it will be.


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