Apply to become a member of From Prison Cells to PhD’s next P2P program cohort and learn how to gain access to a college education

O2P Program

From Prison Cells to PhD’s P2P — Prison-to-Professionals — program, is now on its 23rd cohort.

From Prison Cells to PhD, a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the lives of people with criminal convictions, is currently accepting applications for Cohort 23 of its Prison-to-Professionals (P2P) program.

To qualify, candidates must be formerly incarcerated, have a criminal conviction or arrest, or come from a disadvantaged background. They must also have a high school diploma or GED.

Gain higher education

The P2P program, which currently takes place virtually, helps those with criminal convictions gain access to a college education. It begins with two months of weekend workshops that are focused on the various steps necessary to prepare for applying to college and beyond.

These include, among other topics:

  • College readiness.
  • Preparation for the SAT and GRE (Graduate Record Examinations).
  • Dealing with the application process and financial aid.
  • Leadership development.
  • Personal enrichment.
  • Financial literacy.

After participating in the initial workshops, scholar participants will receive 10 months of mentoring and coaching.

Benefits of participation

Those who complete the program can take advantage of a variety of opportunities offered by From Prison Cells to PhD:

  • $500 that can be applied to college education.
  • A $1,000 scholarship, if participant is accepted to be a mentor to another scholar.
  • Connection to employment opportunities.
  • Completion certificate and a letter of recommendation.
  • Mental health resources.
  • Access to the P2P transitional residence program.

On the application form the organization reminds applicants that the P2P program offers to “connect the dots,” by using its connections to college admissions departments and access to a network of formerly incarcerated college graduates. It also wants people to know that those who are mentored and supported are not alone. P2P is there to help.

The deadline for Cohort 23 of the Prison-to-Professionals program is October 9, and you can apply here. Remember to be sure and select Prison-to-Professionals (P2P) Program in the drop-down box of the “From Prison Cells To PhD” application.

Founder publishes new book

From Prison Cells to PhD was founded by Dr. Stanley Andrisse, who in his early 20s was sentenced to 20 years in a maximum security prison for drug dealing. Upon release, he was accepted into a PhD program at St. Louis University and now serves as an assistant professor of medicine specializing in endocrinology at Howard University College of Medicine. He also serves as executive director of Prison Cells to PhD. A book Andrisse wrote about his experiences, From Prison Cells to PhD: It is Never Too Late to Do Good, was published by Post Hill Press in August.

In addition to its P2P Program, From Prison Cells to PhD provides consulting services to companies and colleges on a variety of issues, including equity, diversity and inclusion training; creating equity in college admissions; asset-based community development training; and trauma informed training for staff and faculty. It also monitors and reviews state and national policies created around education and incarceration.


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