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Tattoo Removal
Seven Steps to Becoming Employed

Our new book, Jails to Jobs: Seven Steps to Becoming Employed will help those with a criminal record break through the barriers they face in their job search and find success.

Tattoo Removal-A how to guide

Tattoo Removal: Establishing a Free or Low-Cost Community-Based Program, A How-to Guide

This how-to guide gives medical professionals, nonprofit organizations and others the information and confidence they need to create a community-based program. It has also proven to be useful for anyone wanting to start or improve a for-profit tattoo removal business.

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“We are all potential criminals, and those who we put into prison are no worse, deep down, than any one of us. They have succumbed to ignorance, desire, and anger, ailments that we all suffer from but to different degrees. Our duty is to help them.”
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From jails to jobs—A how-to guide to becoming employed

Jails to Jobs, a Section 501 (c) 3 public charity, is an organization that gives ex-offenders the tools they need to find employment. On this website you’ll find a step-by-step plan to follow as you carry out your job search. From researching potential employers and writing resumes to handling interviews and more—it’s all here, with advice tailored to the special needs of those recently released from jail and prison.

New Entry Job Hunting Plan

It may have been a while since you’ve had to look for work, and your job-search skills may be a little rusty. Following our New Entry Job Hunting Plan, however, will give you an edge. Instead of spending your days searching websites and sending out scores of resumes, you will focus on uncovering the hidden job market or, in other words, those jobs that aren’t typically advertised or posted. Attitude and persistence will be your keys to success.

Please note: Although the contact info on this website primarily targets the San Francisco Bay Area, you can find organizations similar to those listed throughout the United States. Your local American Job Center ( and public library ( can help you locate them. Also, your local public community college career center ( can be helpful and should be open to the public, whether you’re enrolled as a student or not.