Temp agencies

Choosing a temp agency


Another way to expand your network and polish up your skills is to work for a temporary employment agency. And you’ll get paid as well.

Some short-term assignments from temporary agencies can turn into full-time job offers. Many employers like the temp-to-perm model, since they can check out peoples’ abilities before hiring them

Temporary agencies place everything from factory assemblers and warehouse workers to administrative assistants and accountants. You apply to work at a temporary agency just as you would a regular job, by filling out an application form, either online or in person, and having an interview with a recruiter. Temporary agencies also give tests for certain types of jobs. These tests may be to measure your typing speed, reading comprehensive or basic math skills.

You can find temporary agencies by looking in the telephone Yellow Pages or searching www.whitepages.com on line. Some agencies are national, with offices in major cities across the country. Others just have one or a handful of offices in a certain area.

Employement agencies

We’ve heard good things about the following employment agencies. This by no means is a complete list of possible options.

Acrobat Outsourcing
All Star Labor & Staffing
Barrett Business Systems
HireQuest, Inc.
People Ready
Labor Systems
Labor Works
Link Staffing
Nelson Jobs